Thoughts of Mothers Day

Mother’s Day has got me thinking….

I’m a mum and a grandma and I’m always behind a camera.

It takes quite a lot of coaxing to get me in front of the camera, I hate seeing myself in photos… but then I don’t see what others see, they don’t see my excess weight, my double chin, and everything else I see…

The sad thing is, I looked around my walls and my children’s walls and I didn’t see me, although I’m there in person all the time.

What would it be like if I wasn’t around anymore?

Would I be forgotten?

No one could pick up a photo of me and remember special moments we had, or talk about me to future grandchildren.

That one photo has so much more meaning than we give it credit.

It’s much more than how we look

it’s about who we are and what we mean to others.

Don’t wait until you are happy with how you look,

Be honest, we are women,

will we ever really be happy with our appearance?

Take that photo right now, hang it on a wall, put it in an album, it’s one of the most important things you can do for your family today.

Sandy 🙂

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Freebie Sparkle Printable


A recent design from The Black Ink Company, please feel free to save and print this freebie. Designing these printable’s is so addictive and our new business has now made a couple of sales. Setting up our store on Etsy has been very easy. With my first sale, it took 5 days before the sale went through and getting any help from the Etsy helpdesk was very slow. Finally after 5 days I got a reply to my emails with no explanation of why it took so long to process the sale, during which time the sale went through. I have replied to them asking why it took so long, I will keep you updated with their reply (which may take a long time also lol).

Meanwhile I am searching the web to find other locations to sell designs and photographs so I will keep you updated with my findings.

*Update; first it could be handy to actually have the link to download this printable so here it is…. never-lose-your-sparkle.

Secondly, I had an update from Etsy about my slow processing time, they just said it happens now and again. So hopefully not too often :).





Free Printable


My daughter Tegan, and I are embarking on starting a new business, using our great love of graphic design, so I thought I would share our experience in the start up.

First we had a brainstorming session and decided our plan of action. We needed a website, Facebook page, form of payment, email address and then we looked into the Etsy site, YES! this has everything we need.

oh wait a minute……. most importantly…..we need a name!

“The Black Ink Company”

Boom! We are sooo excited….

Setting up Etsy is very easy, the hardest part is writing descriptions for each item and giving them tags to be found etc. Our ‘shop’  is stocked with digital downloads, prints, quotes, Photoshop templates, jewelry bezel prints for starters and more ideas come every day. Etsy has the ability to send our digital download as soon as someone pays, too easy.

Etsy has a ‘sellers handbook’ with a whole load of information to help sellers achieve their goals.

Sooo we are now live – The Black Ink Company come and check us out.

Looking forward to our first sale

The work doesn’t stop there though, its full on marketing everywhere we can, designing new items, uploading to Etsy, etc – the person who sits still does not make waves, hmm just made up another quote … now to design around it…….

Just because I like you, I’m giving away a free printable, enjoy :).

Click here to download – black-and-white-lake



I’m sending a smile in my Town

Send a Smile to Someone you Love
 Pink Dandy 2

I love giving and I feel pretty blessed to be able to give a gift to one lucky person or family who deserves some happiness in their lives. September is here and spring has made me feel like making someone smile.

I wish to give some special person the opportunity  to have a photography session with me and receive the edited hi-res digital images completely free.
I’m sure there are families or individuals in Gisborne who need a bit of cheering up for some reason or another, so I am offering to photograph a family, babies, children, parents or family pets to put a smile on some faces.

If you know of anyone who really needs to have a positive gift come their way, I would love to hear from you. Send me an email giving me a short explanation of why you would like to “Send a Smile” to someone special and your application may be chosen.

This session will be completely free with no added costs, a free session at my studio or on location within Gisborne  and a copy of all the best hi-res digital images to keep.

Maybe Grandma hasn’t seen her family in a very long time and a keepsake photograph would give such pleasure, or the long time family pet/companion who needs to be remembered, or an individual who works tirelessly for others would appreciate using a gift like this.

Offer open until 30th September 2016 where I will choose one application that I feel deserves to receive a smile from Smile Baby Photography.

It’s such a reward to give time, I hope this inspires someone else to pay it forward 🙂

Preserving your images

I’ve been thinking lately about just giving my clients their photos on a digital format, will they print the photos out or will they show a few people then throw the disk into a drawer?
It’s a digital age now, photos are now shared on social media, they are liked and talked about, then…. ?
The images can also be downloaded from a website holding your personal gallery for a certain amount of time from which you can share and download. A great option, as DVDs will soon be obsolete, but will they get downloaded and printed?

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