Freebie Sparkle Printable


A recent design from The Black Ink Company, please feel free to save and print this freebie. Designing these printable’s is so addictive and our new business has now made a couple of sales. Setting up our store on Etsy has been very easy. With my first sale, it took 5 days before the sale went through and getting any help from the Etsy helpdesk was very slow. Finally after 5 days I got a reply to my emails with no explanation of why it took so long to process the sale, during which time the sale went through. I have replied to them asking why it took so long, I will keep you updated with their reply (which may take a long time also lol).

Meanwhile I am searching the web to find other locations to sell designs and photographs so I will keep you updated with my findings.

*Update; first it could be handy to actually have the link to download this printable so here it is…. never-lose-your-sparkle.

Secondly, I had an update from Etsy about my slow processing time, they just said it happens now and again. So hopefully not too often :).






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